Capitol Comments: Could your voice be silenced?

A constitutional freedom is under attack in Minnesota and your voice may very well be silenced.


My Point of View: Empowering our community through civic engagement classes

In my last column, I discussed the importance of civic engagement, and I’m thrilled to announce an exciting ...


Ask a Trooper: Ready to buy my first car — where do I start?

Question: I am looking at purchasing my first vehicle but I am worried about scams. Do you have ...


Bev Jackson Cotter: Memories of the washing machine

When I was a young mom, every Monday morning started out the same, filling the washing machine with ...


Senate Report: Getting back to bipartisanship at the Minnesota Legislature

I am writing to you as I prepare for Thursday’s committee hearing. At this point in the session, ...


My Point of View: Republicans are not listening to women about many things

Are you the pilot of your own body?


Stage Right: Comedy blends old world with modern one

Shakespeareans, oh Shakespeareans, where art tho Shakespeareans? Even those of you who don’t know much about Shakespeare, this ...


Guest column: How the postal service is failing Minnesota

My mom was born in 1932 and grew up outside Bourbon, Indiana, a tiny town in the northern ...


Capitol Comments: Purple Star schools make the grade for military families

Recently, I read in the paper that five area veterans received a Quilt of Valor in a ceremony ...


Ask a Trooper: Rules to follow when driving in roundabouts

Question: I have noticed that there are more aggressive actions being taken at roundabouts. Drivers are entering the ...

Health Updates

Senior strength: Skilled nursing for continued health

Guest column by Martha Jones Sichko Stroke, physical therapy or medical conditions are reasons why seniors may require ...


My Point of View: A call to those attending the county GOP convention

We had a busy and productive caucus evening last month, despite it being the only winter weather we’ve ...


Senate Report: Fixing the mistakes of the 2023 legislative session

Last week, we got the February budget forecast, which gives us a good idea of our state’s financial ...


Ask a Trooper: Are mobile digital ads allowed?

Question: I have a question in regards to exploring a business idea that has to do with mobile ...


My Point of View: Why would Rep. Finstad vote to shut down the USDA?

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives returned from a two-week vacation at the last minute to vote on a ...

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