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Beginning to look a lot like football season

Published 10:01am Thursday, August 16, 2012

Column: Thanks For Listening

As the winner of last year’s Pigskin Prognosticators, I can safely say that the following picks can be written in stone. I am putting these picks out a few weeks earlier this year so that my annual Sports Illustrated, Athlon or USA Today football issues cannot sway me.

Speaking of picks, please call or email me or Sports Editor Brandi Hagen if you want to be included in our weekly Pigskin Prognosticators, as we need a new guest every week to call on for picks printed in the newspaper on Thursdays.



I am super excited for the Saturday September first game of Michigan versus Alabama. Michigan is starting to be a top 10 program again and to test yourself against the reigning national champions is a great way to start.

Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson, a Heisman Trophy candidate, gets an amazing test against a top-notch, but new defense for Alabama. Could an upset happen? The second game that I cannot wait for is the Nov. 3 matchup of Alabama at LSU. This is the premier game of the season.

My top 20:

1. LSU

2. USC

3. Alabama

4. Oklahoma

5. Oregon

6. Oklahoma State

7. Michigan

8. Arkansas

9. South Carolina

10. Georgia

11. Michigan State

12. Florida State

13. Wisconsin

14. Boise State

15. Stanford

16. West Virginia

17. TCU

18. Nebraska

19. Baylor

20. Kansas State


Heisman Trophy

The Heisman battle is between five players:

1. Matt Barkley of USC. Quarterback. All the tools.

2. Montee Ball of Wisconsin. Running back. Returning Heisman finalist.

3. Aaron Murray of Georgia. Phenomenal quarterback.

4. Landry Jones of Oklahoma. Quarterback. Seeing a trend here.

5. Denard Robinson of Michigan. The guy can run, throw and catch anything.

I think the winner is going to be Matt Barkley unless he gets hurt. I do, however, think that Denard Robinson has a great chance because of all of his tools. Last year’s phenom quarterback RGIII  — that’s Robert Griffin III  for you non-football fans — helps his stock quite a bit here.



Are you ready for some football? Here are the NFL picks:

AFC East

1. Patriots 12-4

2. Jets 11-5

3. Bills 8-8

4. Miami Dolphins 6-10

AFC North

1. Steelers 12-4

2. Ravens 11-5

3. Bengals 9-7

4. Browns 5-11

AFC South

1. Texans 11-5

2. Jags 8-8

3. Titans 6-10

4. Colts 5-11

AFC West

1. Broncos 11-5

2. Raiders 10-6

3. Chiefs 8-8

4. Chargers 5-11

AFC Championship will be Broncos over the Patriots.

NFC East

1. Giants 12-4

2. Washington 10-6

3. Dallas 10-6

4. Eagles 5-11

NFC North

1. Packers 13-3

2. Bears 12-4

3. Lions 10-6

4. Vikings 5-11

NFC South

1. Falcons 11-5

2. Tampa Bay 10-6

3. Saints 10-6

4. Panthers 6-10

NFC West

1. 49ers 14-2

2. Seattle 9-7

3. Rams 9-7

4. Cardinals 4-12

NFC championship will be Green Bay Packers over San Francisco 49ers.

AFC MVP will be QB Payton Manning of the Broncos.

NFC MVP will be QB Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.

Super Bowl XLVI will result in the Packers defeating the Broncos.

MVP of Super Bowl will be Greg Jennings of the Packers.

Rookie of the Year will be RGIII of the Washington Redskins.

Surprise teams for the better this year are the Bears, Texans and the Raiders.

Go Packers!


Remembering Pie

The sixth annual Ryan “Pie” Truesdell Memorial Sports Weekend is coming up soon. It is held on Sept. 8 and 9 in Albert Lea at Snyder Fields and is always a good time. Please sign up for one of the amazing tournaments. The event has softball, beanbag toss, volleyball, and a home run derby to compete in.

If competing is not what you like to do then cheering for your favorite team and a good cause should be.

Wait. How about eating? Or face painting for the kids? Or raffles? Or auctions? Or, well you understand — something for everyone.

This fantastic sports weekend is in its sixth year and just keeps growing. Hurry up and get your teams in.

Please contact:

Shanna Eckberg: 507-676-3516 for volleyball.

Chad Sorenson: 507-351-8271 for softball.

Scott Truesdell: 1 507 383-1958 or Celina Truesdell at 651-373-2630 for beanbag.


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