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Assault rifles are just the start

Published 9:30am Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First, I am all for banning assault rifles and high-volume clips, but that being said, I think the fixation on guns has detracted from the issues that drive these individuals to using the guns. We are missing an opportunity to confront the people making fortunes selling violent video games that turn the number of killings into a goal. We have a president who has an assignation list as part of his foreign policy. We have policies that devalue the life of the unborn and the elderly. The list goes on, and I am sure others have things to add, so let’s talk about what we can do to prevent these incidents rather than only talking about how we can limit the number of casualties by outlawing large-volume clips.


John Forman

Albert Lea

  • Angry1

    Normally I will not engage in friendly fire but what is going on here is a knee jerk reaction basing our rights and freedoms the actions of 3 or 4 mentally deranged individuals.

    A comparison would be everybody will have a breathalyzer interlocks on their vehicles because of the drunk driving problem NOW remember driving is a privilege and not an inalienable right so in theory that is legit, now add GPS tracking so they can tax you by the mile sounds good right?

    How about conducting mandatory weigh checks and fitness assessments every month obesity kills more Americans than guns and the government has a vested interest in keeping costs down that should ok as well.

    I will agree on one thing what is missing is the discussion on mental health how to identify people that pose an above average risk, we have seen that it is hard to commit them against their will as they have inalienable rights as you and I. There lies the real issue, mental health and the practice of mainstreaming people who pose a high risk, the same can be said about level three sex offenders they pose a high risk to the general public so what are you going to do with them.

    John ever notice how certain career politicians always seem to have a answer for everything but fix nothing you are agreeing with people who you may not normally agree with look at who is pushing this agenda, read the proposed bill, now read the Constitution read the Bill of Rights.

    Are you OK with no due process, confiscation, ask yourself just who guarantees your rights and freedoms is it the government or is it the people?

    There is suppose to be checks and balances to the government and it’s us the people. We have unalienable rights I may not like certain forms of speech but I support ALL forms of speech. During the start of gulf 2.0 protesters were protesting we had a spirited exchange of information but I respected their right to say what they wanted and I exercised mine.

    We have been giving up our rights little by little constantly “compromising” on the “the slippery slope” at what point are we going to stop becoming free men and women and start becoming wards of the state only doing what the state allows us to do and thinking only in an approved manner.

    If we stand for nothing we fall for anything