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Immigration won’t be sustainable

Published 9:35am Monday, April 15, 2013

True immigration reform means ending mass immigration. This is not a negative agenda. The following are the benefits that a sensible immigration policy offers our country: harmony, freedom, general prosperity and sustainability.

Harmony is a great blessing to any society. It means that people can live and work together without strife. For this to happen, a common culture and common values are essential. Mass immigration, and the multiculturalism that follows in its wake, make harmony impossible.

Freedom, as our Founding Fathers understood, depends on a society united by common values, particularly those values necessary for the maintenance of liberty such as personal responsibility and respect for the rule of law. Today, thanks to mass immigration, we have a large and growing number of people from countries where our concept of freedom is little understood. And as more keep coming, the less likely it is they will assimilate to our viewpoints.

General prosperity, or our middle-class economy, is one of our country’s greatest achievements. But today mass immigration is undercutting our wage levels, particularly for low-income Americans. We should aim for a high-wage society and reduction of immigration is essential to that aim.

Sustainability is maintaining our quality of life from generation to generation. Given present trends, our population will increase from 305 million today to 433 million in 2050. Immigration will account for 82 percent of the growth.

Such huge and rapid growth will place a huge burden on our infrastructure and natural resources.


Paul Westrum
Albert Lea