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Mayo is why rates are high in area

Published 12:01pm Friday, October 25, 2013

On the night of Oct. 21, I received a call from a state representative. I was asked if I was the one who writes all those articles in the paper.

I said I was probably the one she was asking about. She mentioned that she appreciated my letters. I told her that I believe I am the most hated person in Albert Lea by those far-right Republicans. She commenced to tell me that the reason insurance is so high in our area compared to the Twin Cities is because of the Mayo Clinic Health System. They refuse to negotiate their rates, not like they do up in the Twin Cities.

So don’t blame Obamacare for health care being higher here than in the Twin Cities. It’s obvious Mayo is run by a bunch of Republicans. Republicans haven’t done one blooming thing for the American people for at least six years. All they have done is try to sabotage Obama in every way they can think of.

I guarantee that sometime in your lifetime you will be grateful for Obamacare. Either you or someone close to you will benefit from it because they couldn’t have otherwise got health insurance. I have to admit I am probably wrong again. I didn’t think any politicians could hurt this country as much as the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney administration did. Ted Kruz and that Tea Party bunch are sure giving it a great run. They already cost the taxpayers $24 billion-plus, and they say they aren’t done yet.

I find it really disgusting that when 91 percent of the voters want background checks on people who buy firearms and 70 percent want universal health care that a small number of troublemakers can cause so many problems. It makes you wonder what kind of a rule we are under. Are we under a Marxist-type system where the people have no say in anything?

I believe these two issues should be put on the ballot and let the voters decide what they want. Do you want background checks on firearms purchased, yes or no? Do you want universal health insurance, yes or no? It’s obvious we can’t trust those far-right Republicans to do our bidding. I will no doubt receive some real hate mail from some far-right individuals for my views. I have received verbal threats to stop writing and some anonymous letters. I just say to myself that they can’t help it. They just don’t have any common sense. I can’t believe anyone with common sense would vote Republican after what they just put this country through.

I have been asked by several people when I was going to write another letter. They obviously have a lot of common sense. They look forward to reading what my views are. I hope this letter will suffice.


Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea