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Representative seeks feedback

Published 10:14am Thursday, January 16, 2014

The start of the next legislative session is just around the corner. And before I return to the Capitol at the end of February, I’m hoping to gather more input from people across the district. As you may have heard, Gov. Mark Dayton is looking to use this session as something of an “unsession.” In particular, he’s thinks it would be a good idea to make things we do at the state level more simple and efficient. I couldn’t agree more.

Not only will it make things run more smoothly, it will also help save taxpayer dollars. This is where you come in. I want to hear your suggestions. What specific changes can we put in place to make a program run more efficiently? Are there any complicated standards that can be simplified? Even small changes across numerous programs can add up to a significant savings overall.

So over the next month or so, I want you to contact me with any suggestions you might have for making our government more efficient. The most important part of my job as your representative is listening to concerns across the district and finding ways to address those concerns. I encourage you to contact me by sending me an email ( or calling my office (651-296-8216). Let me know what you think.


Shannon Savick
state representative
District 27A