Tales From Exit 22

Gators and meadowlarks have mothers, too

I was floating down a Louisiana bayou when I saw a huge alligator. No surprise. It was a gatored community. Later, I saw a tiny ... Read more

One thing that is always constant is change

My wife helped me look for a shirt. We searched the closet like FBI agents. Then she remembered that she’d given it to the Salvation ... Read more

Left speechless after traveling across U.S.

Most Midwestern tenant farmers operated on March-to-March contracts. By the first of November, the landlord told his tenant if he wanted him to move. March ... Read more

Marvels and grudge matches of wrestling

I’d just finished a Charley Horse Yoga class. I limped my way to visit a 94-year-old friend in the care center. As I walked, I ... Read more

Has anything been bugging you lately?

I was taking a shower. It’s a good way to start any day with a “y” in it. It clears the fog from my brain. ... Read more