Tales From Exit 22

Not angst and woe, but the other A&W

Summer was filled with hope and reality. Hopes were dashed as regularly as meals were prepared. The ladies were talking about rutabaga and asparagus recipes. ... Read more

Man sounds that came from the man caves

The pumpkins were so fat, I called them plumpkins. It was nearly fall. I drove with apples on my mind. I hoped that the deer ... Read more

Want what you need and need what you want

I dreamed that I’d caught a catfish. The catfish told me that it was a magic fish and asked me to put it back in ... Read more

There’s lots to do in Minn. this time of year

I rolled out of bed early in the morning. I planned on getting an early start, but it was noon by the time I got ... Read more

Simply take a leap and the net will appear

Change is good. Ask any baby. I was in my 40s when I decided to take a leap. I was still playing basketball and softball, but I ... Read more