Tales From Exit 22

Paddling with an angry rodent in hot pursuit

Dad whittled on a stick with his battered Barlow jackknife. He didn’t carve anything, he just made the stick shorter. I thought it was a ... Read more

Are they sweet potatoes or are they yams?

We’re going to need a bigger gravy boat. Maybe two. We interrupt Christmas and Halloween to bring you Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is meant to remind us of the ... Read more

Everything on shoes you were afraid to ask

I was resplendent. Decked out in in my best duds — blue jeans, a Carhartt shirt and nice socks. Not my socks. I don’t own any ... Read more

Roundabouts go nicely with eggs and bacon

Opinions vary, from “Putting in those roundabouts was a good idea and driving in those roundabouts is a bad idea,” to “Putting in those roundabouts ... Read more

I’d have voted for the 2,058-pound pumpkin

“Uffda! What a lovely, brisk morning. I don’t see how the weather could be more pleasant.” That’s what I said as I walked on a lawn ... Read more