Tobacco tax is good for children

Published 8:48 am Thursday, May 23, 2013

As a new mom and an advocate for youth and young adults in our community, I applaud Gov. Mark Dayton and Minnesota House and Senate leaders for including a significant tobacco tax increase in the final budget agreement. I encourage our lawmakers to back the House proposal increasing the cigarette tax by $1.60 per pack versus the Senate proposal at only 94 cents per pack.

The reason is simple: the higher the price of tobacco, the bigger the health benefits. Increasing the price by $1.60 per pack will prevent more Minnesota kids from a lifetime of addiction. As an athletic trainer, I work with student athletes every day. I see firsthand the pressures they face on and off the field. Let’s help our kids make the healthy choice when it comes to experimenting with cigarettes and chew. Education, smoke-free restaurants, youth access laws and price increases will work together to help make the next generation of Minnesota youth tobacco-free.


Lynn Scheevel
Albert Lea