Goliath not scared of weak pebbles

Published 10:09 am Monday, April 14, 2014

This letter is in response to the Mankato Free Press editorial titled, “Voting still trumps money.”

Editorials as such would receive a passing grade in high school civics class.

A few anecdotal elections reflecting the people’s will (among many thousands bought by money) appears to argue against your point.

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Has anything in politics or society really changed when these aberrations appear? No. Goliath (banks, aristocracy) is not the least bit concerned with the pebbles the public weakly tosses its way. In fact, the power elite welcome such actions, since it prolongs the facade of democracy and free will, thus further pacifying the public into deeper self-delusion and prolonged servitude.

Editorials as such appear to be written by people such as Orwell’s Winston (“1984″) following the complete loss of emotional, moral, ethical sensibility at the merciless hands of Big Brother.

Have another sip of gin and keep writing nonsense to satisfy the empty expectations of the proles. Big Brother is watching.


Patrick Cunningham

Twin Lakes