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Loss of morals is hurting America

This election on Nov. 4 is anything but politics as usual. The forces of good and evil are aligned. If decent, thinking Americans can no longer discern right from wrong, there is no hope for country. When evil is accepted, a culture is on its way out. The only source for moral law and standards is the Bible, which was the foundation and structure of America for our first 200 years.

As we fled from God, American life and our collective soul has unraveled. A Biblically ignorant people without Christian standards of morality and honor become carnal and are easily led by corrupt, subversive politicians. The radical left is attempting to remake America into a socialist, amoral, immoral, weak, defenseless, incompetent country. The prodigal son came to himself after going down the wrong road and returned to his father.

Before America gets to the point of no return, we may also come to ourselves. For a step back to the good that only comes from God, we invite everyone to vote on Nov. 4 for those who offer fresh hope for America.


Linda Kuehn

Albert Lea