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It’s almost time to work on Progress edition

It’s already nearing the beginning of November, and for us here at the Tribune, that only means one thing: Progress.

Progress is our largest annual special section of the year, and it’s one that takes several months to produce. We start writing stories and selling advertisements at the end of November and early December, and week by week we put together the sections in it until it finally publishes, typically at the end of February.

While it is a several months-long project, it is one of my favorite sections of the year in that it focuses on positive things happening in the community in the last year and ways that our communities are growing. It’s time for the area to shine.

A few of us here at the Tribune had a meeting a few weeks ago to discuss themes for this year’s Progress issue. We easily reached a consensus. What we came up with is exciting and will surely be inspirational as well.

Without giving the theme away too early, this year we want to focus on people who are passionate about their communities.

As we start planning out the stories for this year’s edition, we ask you to consider your friends, families and neighbors. Who do you know who has not only an awesome story, but who is proud to live in Albert Lea or one of the outlying communities and who is striving to make a difference in their community?

We can choose to live anywhere we want, and we choose to live here. Why?

The reasons will vary from person to person.

Some people move away from Albert Lea to go to college, only to find their ideals change when they get a little older, so they decide to move back home.

Others could live anywhere in the world for their jobs and yet they choose to live in Albert Lea.

Some like the affordability and quality of life for young families, and others like the friendliness of the people.

Whatever the reasons, we would like to hear your stories.  Whether you’re in Albert Lea or in one of the surrounding communities, such as Alden, Lake Mills, Northwood, New Richland and Hartland, they are all included in this edition.

In the first week of November, we will have our kickoff for our employees and brainstorm more ideas. I would be happy to incorporate the ideas I receive from the community as well.

Please send me an email at sarah.stultz@albertleatribune.com or give me a call at 379-3433 to share your thoughts.


Sarah Stultz is the managing editor of the Albert Lea Tribune.  Her column appears every Tuesday.