Albert Lea has a lot of heart

Published 9:00 am Sunday, July 24, 2016


Albert Lea has an enormous heart.

In a year that we have had our doubts about our country because of all the fighting, Albert Lea and the wonderful people that make up this amazing town rose above all the hate and showed the country what we really need.

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We need heart.

Pulling together for Sophie Stultz and her family is what makes Albert Lea great.

I was blessed to live in Albert Lea for over 10 years and was witness to tornadoes, Blue Zones, Extreme Home Makeover, the Corey Goodnature golf outing and many Relay for Life nights; and I am here to say that no town pulls together better in crisis than Albert Lea. We may disagree about city and county ordinances and other topics, but when a crisis arises — especially a family one — Albert Lea is the town you want to live in.

So in short, Albert Lea, please pat yourself on the back, take a standing ovation (even though I know you would never do that) and take note that you are special. Very special. You have heart.

You are humble and you are giving and if our country wants to know how to act under pressure, they only have one place to look: Albert Lea, Minnesota.

Thank you for all you do.


Scott Schmeltzer

Fargo, North Dakota