Gerald Bosacker, 1930-2018

Published 1:00 am Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gerald “Jerry” Leonard Bosacker was born Oct. 21, 1930, and passed away Saturday, March 3, 2018.

Chasing the perfect word was always a passion of Gerald’s. From his early days in southern Minnesota, through to his retirement in Florida, Arizona and eventually Whitefish, Montanta, he never stopped writing poetry and enjoying his family.

Gerald Bosacker

Rising from the Great Depression, he had an illustrious career in the corporate world, but his passion was his family and the thousands of poems he leaves them all. His family invites you to seek out his poetry at

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He had a knack for defending the aggrieved and loved attacking the establishment.

He survived 87 beautiful years, despite being hit by a car seven times on foot or bike, crashing a motorcycle at high speed on a trestle filled with gravel, twisting his leg 360 degrees twice while water and then snow skiing, breaking his hip six times and even being (actually) shot in the back.

He did find the perfect word for his family and friends — love.

“When we accept our life is done, our history completely run, and all the honors we have won, that web of gold that we have spun is family.”

Gerald is survived by loving wife of 63 years, Jacky Colton Bosacker, 85; daughter, Jill, and Joe Courtney of Whitefish; grandchildren Janessa Courtney of Cranston, Rhode Island, Jacob Courtney and fiancee, Hattie Lunceford, of Cheney, Washington; son, John, and Abby Bosacker of Orlando, Florida; grandchildren Brandon and Lacy Bosacker and his first great-grandaughter, Harlow, of Midland, Michigan, Brock and Brooke Bosacker of Montreal, Canada, Brittany Bosacker and Jake Lampack of San Francisco; sister, Diane Bosacker Olson, of Albert Lea; brother, Mark, and Jean Bosacker of Mankato; and his faithful companion dog, Belle.

Rest in peace husband Jerry — loving father, grandfather, great-grandfather, son, brother, uncle and friend.

A final verse by Gerald Bosacker

When I expire, don’t come to look

at my exhausted corpse.

Please stay at home,

And read my latest book.

Don’t hum me hymns,

or false display regrets

that I am gone.

I’ve spent my years

exploring life,

and wrote what seems

but weak acknowledgement

of that great gift.

So joyful note,

in verse I share,

I do not grieve

when comes the time

that I must leave.

Jerry’s wishes were to donate his body to science and a celebration of his life will take place later this summer. Special appreciation to Dr. Courtney Austin of Whitefish and Frontier Hospice of Kalispell, Montana, for their kind and compassionate care.