Letter: Trump’s tax policy benefits the most fortunate people

Published 7:53 pm Wednesday, February 20, 2019

What kind of a person is a Trump supporter? There are only two types of people that are Trump supporters. One is a billionaire, and the other is a village idiot. If you are a Trump supporter and you want to find out which one of these two you are, you have to go to your bank and check your bank account. This will tell what kind of a Trump supporter you are. I find it absolutely amazing how there are so many average Joes that will vote Republican. Republicans are always talking about reducing taxes. Average Joes by now should realize that reducing taxes by Republicans doesn’t include them.

The last Republican who raised taxes on the filthy rich was President Eisenhower. He raised the taxes on the filthy rich by 90 percent to pay for the World War II that had caused a large deficit. What has happened to the Republican Party since then is anybody’s guess. How Trump thinks reducing taxes now when we have a 20-some trillion dollar deficit is a good thing is mind boggling. He is not going to raise the taxes on the filthy rich to pay for that deficit. It will be you and me, brother.

The Democrats have some power now in Congress.   Hopefully they will do the right thing. Our chances are better with them. They are more responsible people.  When I pay my taxes, I would like to think it goes to help the less fortunate and not the most fortunate like Trump’s tax policy is all about. I am still bragging. I didn’t vote for Trump. 

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Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea