Fair food reviews: Check out these delicious treats on a hot fair day

Published 9:00 pm Tuesday, August 2, 2022

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The Freeborn County Fair has returned with a number of food vendors, including ChillJoy Ice Cream LLC.

If you’ve ever had creamsicles, that’s the best way to describe their Orange Cream flavor. Tangy, slightly citrusy and creamy, it tastes almost like a softer and sweeter melted orange pop.

Another menu choice at ChillJoy’s is ChillDough, which tastes exactly like soft-serve cookie-dough ice cream and has sprinkles all over. If you love cookie dough, this is the cold treat for you. It has a scoop of cookie dough over vanilla ice cream.

The Butterfinger ice cream is a good one for people who love the popular ice cream. Sarah Stultz/Albert Lea Tribune

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Finally, there is the Butterfinger ice cream, which tastes like melted Butterfinger candy bars: a sweeter combination of peanut butter and chocolate with overtures of caramel layered into an otherwise creamy and standard ice cream.

All three choices are perfect for ice cream lovers, or anyone looking for a cool treat on an otherwise hot summer day. The Orange Cream and Butterfinger ice cream costs $3 for a small, $3.50 for a medium cup and $4 for a large. The ChillDough costs $4.