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Minneapolis demonstrates voting machines to build trust

MINNEAPOLIS — Election officials in Minnesota’s largest city held a public demonstration of voting machines Friday as part ...

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Fair food reviews: Auntie L’s Wild Wings

Two of my co-workers and I ventured out to the Freeborn County Fair on Wednesday to enjoy items ...

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Fall season arrives with freezing temperatures

Autumn officially announced its presence on Saturday, with bone chilling winds, followed by overnight temperatures that dropped to ...

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New basil fungal disease found in Minnesota

ST. PAUL — Minnesota gardeners who grow basil for cooking should be aware of a new fungal disease ...

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June brings berries to the market

We will soon be in the month of June, and typical to their name, June strawberries generally ripen ...

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Fair food is more than fair

The annual Freeborn County Fair provides a guilt-free opportunity to indulge in some of your favorite concessions.

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There are many benefits to eating locally grown food

There is a lot to be said for eating local. The pineapple in Hawaii, oranges in Florida, just ...