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Renee Citsay

Amanda Nelson

Daniel Gullickson

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Tip #1 – From the Readers’ Choice page, navigate to the category and your business that has been nominated. To the right of your Business name, click on the SHARE button. Choose Facebook, Twitter or Email. This will link directly to your social media or email. Ask your loyal customers to vote for you!
Tip #2 – Share often. Anyone can vote once per day.
Tip #3 – Print out the QR Code below or CLICK HERE and make a sign to hang on your front door.
Tip #4 – Votes are not for sale, but upgrading advertising helps your exposure. Check out your options HERE.
Tip #5 – Don’t be afraid to ask for votes. Remind customers when they visit you or add a link at the bottom of your email. You can direct them to your specific category from the SHARE button in tip #1 or to the general contest:


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