Mayo Clinic in Austin reveals phase two of its expansion

Published 8:58 pm Monday, March 9, 2020

AUSTIN — Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin is moving on to the final phase of the remodeling of the family birth center and medical surgery departments after unveiling the completion of phase two Monday.

The $11.2 million phase two expansion included the completion of nurses stations in both the birth center and the medical surgery departments giving better access to both the Mayo nurses as well as families and patients.

“I love how it looks,” said Crystal Johnson, nurse manager of the birth center. “It’s very clean, fresh and modern. I love how there is enough room for our new integrated team. Everybody has their space.”

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The updated stations will eventually have access from both sides as new rooms are currently being worked on. Ten rooms — five in the birth center and five in medical/surgery — will provide for more interaction with staff.

“It’s more open than the previous (station) was,” said nurse manager of medical/surgery Lorri Hultgren. “This station is more open so families can see their nurse when visiting family.”

For nurses and doctors, the upgraded nurses stations offer more room to work. In the birth center, at least four new work stations have been added, along with the upgrade in technology that will help involve patients in their own care.

“It brings us closer to our patients,” said nurse Cassie Williamson. “The layout is a lot nicer and we’re able to grab things quicker. The flow is a lot better.”

The extra stations also allows for work to be done in one area.

“We have hospitalists on our floor now,” Hultgren added. “(Doctors) are able to do documentation while they are on the floor.”

The completion of the stations comes after the completion of phase one construction that included the family birth center c-section suite and the south wing of the medical/surgical department, both of which were completed last year. The entire project is slated for completion in 2021.