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Does anybody have a handkerchief to use?

Forrest, my eldest child, is against moving away. The 7-year-old has many friends in Albert Lea, likes his ...


Which team won NFL battle for eyeballs?

The NFL regular season is over, and the Super Bowl is coming up Feb. 1. Unfortunately, the Minnesota ...


So is Minnesota really the 12th largest state?

Minnesota is the 12th largest state in the union. I hear that from time to time around here. For ...


Who’s excited about the 2015 Vikings? Me

The Minnesota Vikings aren’t going to the playoffs. They even are going to end up with a losing ...


What should be done with Adrian Peterson?

As far as off-the-field transgressions in the NFL go, the Adrian Peterson case might seem like an open-and-shut ...


Which NFL team has the deadliest mascot?

Football is a big, tough, full-contact sport, right? And the teams of the National Football League have mascots ...


And on the 8th day, God made basketball

There are sports of all sorts: football, baseball, hockey, golf, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, swimming, diving, track and field, ...


What’s your cockamamie weather theory?

Everybody has cockamamie theories about the weather.


Endorsement editorials are good for dialogue

Election Day has come and gone. Some of the candidates the Tribune Editorial Board endorses were elected and ...


It’s the first Tuesday after the first Monday!

Finally, Election Day is here. There remains one overarching question for people going to the polls today. Why ...


It’s clear Albert Lea has a vibrant dialogue

Letters, letters, letters, letters and more letters. We have had a truckload of letters to the editor in ...


‘Minecraft’ feeds creativity like Lego blocks

Video games are bad, right? Not necessarily. When urban designers plan communities, they use computers. When architects design buildings, ...


Having 2 or 3 Blue Zones purposes is good

Let’s ramble a bit today. One of my favorite aspects of the Blue Zones is its call for knowing ...


Adrian Peterson let my 7-year-old boy down

The news came on the radio as I was taking my 7-year-old son, Forrest, to school one morning ...


5 things patient drivers do that still irk me

It’s good to be patient when driving a motor vehicle. When driving in a hurry, there will be ...

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