Tales From Exit 22

What in the world does pile filling mean?

The title isn’t a typo. Yes, pile filing, not pie filling. I hoped the title might trick some recipe hounds and pie enthusiasts into reading ... Read more

Here are some of my predictions for 2016

My doorbell rang. I opened the door, and a robed visitor accompanied by sitar music walked in. The renowned mystic from the Far East (the ... Read more

Will it be a nasty winter or just a mild one?

I put up a sign at the end of our driveway, “Snow free to a good home.” Our winter began when someone looked out the ... Read more

The English teacher with a special superpower

We called her Old Lady Murphy. She wasn’t that old. She was old only when compared to our young ages. We were seventh-graders. A bothersome ... Read more

Remember, even if you can’t remember it all

I hate cooking for one. But I fixed myself a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios anyway. I had a college roommate who poured Cheerios into ... Read more