Tales From Exit 22

Is it too late to be the pastor at Herter’s?

I felt like a rose kissed by the morning dew. Except for my sore throat, which made it difficult to even think in words. The preacher came ... Read more

Model worker joins the unemployment line

Getting the job made Gizzard feel like a 16-year old with a new car. Gizzard liked his boss at first. Then he began his second day on ... Read more

It’s rather hot; why not go topless this year?

It was a robin sweater. It was so hot, even the robins were sweating. That’s summer for you. A neighbor raised summer cows. Read more

European expedition was filled with fooood

My hat hadn’t hung from the same nail often. I had been traveling incessantly, on a perpetual peregrination. My “I love baggage handlers” sticker on my suitcase ... Read more

Echoes from the Loafers Club Meeting

Echoes from the Loafers Club Meeting “This nice weather brings fond memories of the time I ran that marathon.” “I remember that. You ran only 50 yards.” “I ... Read more