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Will children ever enjoy each other?

Question: My children seem to continually hassle each other. Will they ever really enjoy each other? Read more

Family history mystery finally solved

Let me set the stage for the history of my Hartings family in America. On Wednesday, March 27, 1850, Mr. W. Hartings had a public ... Read more

Easiest way to get butterflies, discouraging grackles, turtle eggs

My neighbor Crandall stops by. “How are you doing?” I ask. “Everything is nearly copacetic. I’m still fogging up the mirror. I feel finer than a frog’s ... Read more

Many colors arrive with spring

Spring seems to have finally arrived and with it many colors that will appear throughout the season. I always divide them into three parts, early ... Read more

Harsh winter did not have much impact on insects

My neighbor Crandall stops by. “How are you doing,” I ask. “Everything is nearly copacetic. I ran into a cousin that I hadn’t seen for ... Read more