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The next level of education: Meet Pamela Tranby

Pamela Tranby has been busy. She’s no stranger to hard work at Riverland Community College. The longtime-biology instructor was a vice president at Riverland from 1998 ... Read more

7 years ago by Trey Mewes.

Broadway is changing in more ways than just new pavement

Albert Lean Linda Knudsen has fond memories of the city’s downtown. With everything from Herberger’s and Leuthold’s to other retail stores like Woolworth’s, it was ... Read more

7 years ago by Sarah Stultz.

Nolander now leads ALEDA, but he has been there since 2005

Maintaining area business is a primary objective of Albert Lea Economic Development Agency Executive Director Ryan Nolander. Nolander took over as director last August when ... Read more

7 years ago by Tiffany Krupke.

Zumbro River Brand prepares to doubles its capacity

The Zumbro River Brand facility in Albert Lea is continuing to grow. Vice President Jim Fischer said the manufacturer plans to add new equipment, an ... Read more

7 years ago by Tiffany Krupke.

Lake Mills manufacturer does custom work across the country

LAKE MILLS — Dean Rasmusson and Amy Peterson are a father-daughter team that pride themselves on being family first, work second. “As we grow, it ... Read more

7 years ago by Tiffany Krupke.

Van Erkel Farms grows everything but the kitchen sink

HOLLANDALE — Van Erkel farms in Hollandale is a true gem, considering it’s one of the few remaining farms in the area that grows vegetables ... Read more

7 years ago by Drew Claussen.

It’s more than gardening: The store is just a small part of Albert Lea Seed House

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the Albert Lea Seed House. Many people are familiar with the garden center, but in ... Read more

7 years ago by Brandi Hagen.

Construction is on the rise, though it hasn’t hit pre-recession levels

The last two years in Albert Lea have seen higher construction compared to the prior four years, according to building permits. But has the city ... Read more

7 years ago by Sarah Stultz.

Family of fire: Father and son on same department

For the first time in the history of the Albert Lea Fire Department, a father and son are both employed as firefighters. Lee DeVries, 54, ... Read more

7 years ago by Sarah Stultz.

Legally speaking: Law firm offers sound tips for families

Lawyers Kevin Siefken, John Hareid, Phillip Kohl and Mark Anderson of Christian & Peterson P.A. offer legal tips for families:   • Plan ahead. It’s ... Read more

7 years ago by Brandi Hagen.

How they get their kicks: Northland Karate owners share why they enjoy martial arts

Taekwondo is alive and kicking in Albert Lea. Northland Karate owner Dana Nelson set up a dojang in 1996 on the third floor of the ... Read more

7 years ago by Micah Bader.

High school art: Albert Lea High School students share their work

Read more

7 years ago by Submitted.

There is an app for that: Application lets parents check on grades, other aspects

Parents of students in Albert Lea Area Schools have more opportunity than ever before to stay up-to-date on their child’s academics. When the district updated ... Read more

7 years ago by Sarah Stultz.

The electric car is coming, and Riverland is prepared

Stepping into the office of Riverland Community College professor Steve Vietor isn’t like stepping into the future, but getting into a conversation with him is. ... Read more

7 years ago by Tim Engstrom.

The wish list: Priorities prevent the city from funding several dream projects

A second slide at the Albert Lea Aquatic Center. New bleachers for City Arena. A splash pad by the North Broadway parking lot. A dog ... Read more

7 years ago by Tim Engstrom.

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